Partner Plan

You can offer Tax ID Pro as a feature of your own software when you purchase the Partner Plan. Partner Plans are available for a flat annual fee and allow for unlimited use.

See the examples below to better understand when a Partner Plan subscription is required.

Example 1: Tax ID Pro is a feature in software you sell

Say your company provides a browser-based form builder for sale (think Typeform or SurveyMonkey). Your form builder enables your customers to create their own forms and collect and validate data. It features validators for lots of different field types, including a tax ID validator, which is powered by Tax ID Pro. Your customers are signing up to use your product, in part, because it is selling tax ID validation as a service.

In this situation Tax ID Pro is being sold as a feature of your product, so a Partner Plan subscription would be required.

Example 2: Tax ID Pro is used for onboarding users

Say you are developing an online marketplace where users sell hand-made crafts (think Etsy). As part of your user onboarding process, you require users to enter their tax ID number and you use Tax ID Pro to validate the field. Although Tax ID Pro is an important part of your onboarding process, your customers do not care about tax ID validation, and they are not signing up just because you validated their tax ID number. They are not reusing Tax ID Pro in the products they sell on your platform.

In this situation Tax ID Pro is not being sold as a feature of your product. so a Partner Plan subscription would not be required.

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