Check Tax IDs with a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Check allows you to upload a CSV or Excel template with up to 100,000 tax ID numbers and then quickly generate a report showing which numbers are valid. To use Spreadsheet Check, you must create an account, then navigate to the Validate page.

To use Spreadsheet Check, download the CSV template, fill in the appropriate information (see below) then upload the file. Once the upload is complete, Tax ID Pro will display the results and provide a downloadable report. Keep reading to learn more about the template and process.

Template Columns

There are four columns in the template. The first row in the template contains the column names. Do not edit the first row.

reference_id string optional

This column is for keeping track of your results. You can use numbers, user ids, email addresses, or anything that is convenient for you to use for matching the validation results to your uploaded file.

country string required

Each row must include a two-letter country code, as defined in the ISO standard. See Supported Countries for a complete list of country codes.

type string optional default: any

Allowed values are individual, entity, vat, or any. You can also leave the column blank which will default to any. This column is optional but recommended. For example, if you know you only want tax IDs for individuals, entity tax ID numbers will be considered invalid.

tin string required

The tax ID Number. It may contain numbers, letters (uppercase or lowercase), dots, dashes, or slashes. Separators that are not standard for the tax ID format being tested will trigger an invalid response. For example, a U.S. EIN typically uses a dash after the first two digits. Valid input can include this dash, or no dash, and both versions will be valid. However, if extra dashes are used, or dashes were put in the wrong place, or dots were used instead of dashes, the response will be invalid. Experiment with this using the Quick Check feature.

Check Tax IDs for Over 100 Countries

See all supported countries or search for a country here: