Validate a Tax ID



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Valid: True 
The main validation result
The main validation result
Country: [[ ]] 
Full name of country
IRS Code: [[ results.irs_code ]] 
IRS abbreviation of country
ISO Code: [[ results.iso_code ]] 
ISO abbreviation of country
TIN Type: [[ results.tin_type ]] 
"Individual", "Entity", or "VAT"
TIN Name: [[ results.tin_name ]] 
Name of tax ID system
Test Type: [[ results.test_type ]] 
"Basic" or "Advanced"
TIN: [[ results.tin ]] 
Tax ID without special characters

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"results": {
  "valid": true,
  "country": "Australia",
  "irs_code": "AS",
  "iso_code": "AU",
  "tin_type": "individual",
  "tin_name": "Tax File Number (TFN)"
  "test_type": "advanced",
  "tin": "123456782"

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