Uruguay Tax ID Numbers

ID Card (ID)

For Individuals, Example: 3.454.234-7

The Uruguayan ID Card Number (ID) is an 8-digit number consisting of seven digits plus a check digit. The ID card is issued by the National Office of Civil Identification (DNIC).

Foreign ID Number (NIE)

For Individuals, Example: 923456789

The Foreigner's Identification Number (NIE) is a 9-digit number, beginning with the number 9, followed by eight digits plus a check digit. The NIE is issued to foreign physical persons by the Tax Authority (RUT Department) to foreign physical persons who do not have an ID Card.

Registro Unico Tributario (RUT)

For Individuals, Entities, Example: 21-100342-001-7

The Registro Unico Tributario (RUT) is 12 characters. The RUT is provided by the Tax Administration and is used for legal entities and certain physical persons carrying out business activities or who have been assigned a RUT number (example: commercial activity, services, net worth).

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