Norway Tax ID Numbers

Fodselsnummer (FN)

For Individuals, Example: 151086 95088

The Fodselsnummer is 11 digits in the format NNNNNN NNNNN. The date of birth of the individual is encoded into the number, followed by a serial number and two check digits.

Organisasjonsnummer (ORGNR)

For Entities, Example: 123 456 785

The Organisasjonsnummer is 9 digits in the format NNN NNN NNN where the last digit is a checksum.

Merverdiavgift (MVA)

For VAT, Example: 923 456 783 MVA

The Merverdiavgift is 12 characters in the format NNN NNN NNN AAA. The first 9 digits are an Organisasjonsnummer, which is followed by the letters MVA. It may have an optional prefix of NO.

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