Montenegro Tax ID Numbers

Unique Master Citizen Number (JMBG)

For Individuals, Example: 2101006500003

The Montenegro Unique Master Citizen Number, or Jedinstveni Maticni Broj Gradana (JMBG) is made up of 13 digits in the form "DD MM YYY RR BBB K" (whitespaces are for convenience; digits are written without separation) where DD is the day of birth, MM is the month of birth, YYY is the last three digits of the year of birth, RR is the region of birth, BBB is the unique number of the citizen, and K is a control digit. The control digit is calculated using the Luhn algorithm. The region of birth is encoded in the RR part of the number, and is a two-digit number. The first digit is the number of the region, and the second digit is the number of the municipality in the region. The unique number of the citizen is a three-digit number, and is assigned by the municipality.

Poreski Identifikacioni Broj (PIB)

For Individuals, Entities, VAT, Example: 42345677

The Montenegro Poreski Identifikacioni Broj (PIB) is 8 digits where the first 7 digits are a serial number and the last digit is a check digit.

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