India Tax ID Numbers

Permanent Account Number (PAN)

For Individuals, Entities, Example: CCUPA7085S

The Indian Permanent Account Number (PAN) is 10 characters in the format AAAAANNNNA. The first five characters are letters. The next four characters are digits, and the final character is a checksum letter. It is used for individuals and entities for income tax purposes.

GST Number (GSTN)

For VAT, Example: 27AAPFU0939F1ZV

The Indian Goods and Services Tax ID Number (GSTIN) is 15 characters in the format NNAAAAANNNNAXAX. It begins with a two-digit state code. The next ten characters are a PAN number. The 13th character represents the number of GSTIN registrations made. The 14th character is the letter Z, and the last character is an alphanumeric checksum.

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