Germany Tax ID Numbers

Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer (IDNR)

For Individuals, Example: 3012034567890

The IDNR is a personal identification number assigned to individuals in Germany for tax purposes. It is meant to replace the Steuernummer. The number consists of 11 digits (10 digits plus a check digit) and does not embed any personal information.

Steuernummer (STNR)

For Individuals, Entities, Example: 92/345/67894

The Steuernummer (STNR) is a tax number assigned by regional tax offices to taxable individuals and organizations. The number is being replaced by the Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer (IDNR). The number has 10 or 11 digits for the regional form (per Bundesland) and 13 digits for the number that is unique within Germany.

Umsatzsteur Identifikationnummer (VAT)

For VAT, Example: DE136695976

The German VAT number is 9 digits long with an optional prefix of DE and uses the ISO 7064 Mod 11, 10 check digit algorithm.

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