Colombia Tax ID Numbers

Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN)

For Individuals, Example: 11274593576

Columbian Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) are assigned based on ID type and nationality. It consists of an ID number plus a verification digit. Citizenship cards (ID number under 100 million) are the same as the ID number with a verification digit added. ID cards or civil registry numbers (issued before NUIP) are assigned between 700 million and 799 million, plus a verification digit. TINs for foreign individuals are assigned between 600 million and 799 million, plus a verification digit. The verification digit is used for security and doesn't count as part of the main TIN number.

Numero De Identificacion Tributaria (NIT)

For Entities, VAT, Example: 623.456.789-1

The Numero De Identificacion Tributaria is 10 digits in the format NNN.NNN.NNN-N where the last digit is a verification digit. It is assigned by the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN) to taxpayers, responsible parties, withholding agents and those obliged to file tax returns and must be used when this entity indicates. The assignment of the TIN is carried out through the registration in the Tax Registry (RUT), which is the mechanism used to identify, locate and classify the subjects of obligations managed by the DIAN, as well as those that by legal provision must do so or by decision of the DIAN in accordance with current legal and regulatory standards.

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