Chile Tax ID Number

National Tax Number (RUT)

For Individuals, Entities, VAT, Example: 72345678-9

The Chilean National Tax Number (RUT) is eight digits followed by a check digit. All individuals and entities that may be taxed in Chile must be registered in the Rol Unico Tributario (RUT). This requirement applies to business activities in Chile, performance of dependent or independent personal services within the country, and investments in debt and equity instruments, amongst others. The TIN Registry is maintained by the Internal Revenue Service (SII). In the case of Chileans and of foreigners resident in Chile, the National Identity Number (RUN) given by the Civil Registry also serves as Tax Identification Number (RUT). The Tax Identification Number is personal and not transferable, therefore: Each number will be assigned to one particular person or entity; the numberĀ“s holder keeps the same number throughout its legal existenc; and once the holder's legal existence expires, the number is never reassigned. The TIN/National Identity Number is the identification number used when acting in front of an authority, or signing a contract or any formal agreement or application, and it is usually also requested for day to day activities.

Format Guide: N = Number; A = Letter; X = Number or Letter
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