Austria Tax ID Numbers

Abgabenkontonummer (ATIN)

For Individuals, Entities, Example: 22-345/6781

The Austrian Abgabenkontonummer (ATIN) is 9 digits where the first two digits represent the issuing tax office and the last digit is a check digit. The Local Tax Offices issue TINs to the taxpayers having their residence in the area of competence of these Offices, when they ask the local office for a service. This means that a TIN can change when a taxpayer changes residence.

Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (UID)

For VAT, Example: AT U12345675

The Austrian Umsatzsteuer Identifikationsnummer (UID) is 9 characters where the first character is the letter U and an optional prefix of AT. The last digit is a check digit.

Format Guide: N = Number; A = Letter; X = Number or Letter
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