The Tax ID Pro Team
December 1, 2022

Why We Switched from Vue to React

Why We Switched from Vue to React

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework developed by Evan You and an amazing open-source team. It's a relatively lightweight library, the virtual DOM performance is top-notch, the tooling makes development a dream, and the documentation is clear and organized. If you've never tried Vue, it's easy to just add a script tag to your .html file and start experimenting.

Vue is a beloved framework here at Tax ID Pro, and it's hard to find anything bad to say about it. However, the combination of React with Next.js and the Vercel platform makes certain tasks easier. Here's our top reasons for migrating.

Deployment Tooling

This is the biggest factor driving our decision. Is there anything better than "it just works"? The process of deploying a website with Next.js and Vercel is magical. Vercel supports GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket repositories. Whenver you push your main branch you can kick up your feet and let Vercel handle the rest of the deployment. What little configuration you do have to do to make all of this deployment magic work is straightforward and simple.

Compare this with manually deploying a site on a service like AWS. First you must set up your S3 bucket, then CloudFront, then CodeDeploy, all powerful products, but all very complicated to configure. We trust Vercel to handle all the complicated deployment pipeline stuff.


Next.js has best-in-class pre-rendering support. With straightforward server-side rendering and static generation solutions, Next.js serves up a fully rendered HTML page, which is great for SEO and social media sharing. This is critical for our landing pages, not so much for our settings and internal user pages, but having the public facing and private pages on one stack make for a seamless experience and a better sign-up process.

Pre-rendering can also be accomplished with Vue and Nuxt of course, so Nuxt.js was an appealing solution to the pre-rendering problem. However, after some testing, we found that we would still end up re-writing a large portion of our code base to make the jump to Nuxt, so there was limited benefit there.

Community and Product Pipeline

React and Next.js are pulling away as the front-end framework market leader. That means that whatever shortcomings the documentation may have, a bigger community is there to pick up the slack. It also means that finding talent in a tight developer labor market is a little bit easier.

The recent announcement of React 18, with new features and improvements, is a sign of a healthy, growing project that we will be able to rely upon for many years to come.

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